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Off-the-grid Cordless Homes  

Rechargeable and Renewable Energy 

Alternative Energy Products Throughout Alberta & BC

You can be your own power provider with products that offer automatic solar tracking. At GP Wind and Solar, we custom design off-grid wind and solar systems for customers throughout Alberta and BC. We supply and we’re available around the clock to handle your emergency requests, 7 days a week. If you are considering the purchase of an alternative energy solution (solar or wind), please note that all facets of our systems are custom designed, preconfigured and thoroughly tested in-house before any customer installation is initiated.

Home Solar Power System

6.8kW XW6848 Off-Grid Home Solar Power System

This system will provide the average homeowner with enough power to cover all the necessities. This fully automated turn-key system comes with the following:

  • Dual Axis Solar Tracking Array (6-325 Watt Solar panels)
  • 1260 amp hour Battery Bank (24 Absorbed Glass Matt maintenance free Batteries - Approximately 60kW storage)
  • The Schneider XW6848 Charge Control and Inverter system: This unit supplies 6.8kW of power, and can provide 13.6kW (13,600 Watts) in a surge condition (these units can be paralleled together to allow up to 24kW continuous Power)
  • The Schneider XW Inverter system provides a Pure Sine Wave output, to allow trouble free operation for all of your electronic devices
  • Auto-Generator Starting (the generator will be started automatically when the low battery threshold has been reached. This is used as the final alternative for creating power when renewable energy sources have temporarily diminished the input power into the system)
Recreational Vehicle Power Systems

Recreational Vehicle Power Systems

The power systems that GP Wind and Solar provide for RV's use patented MPPT Charge Control that will increase charge current by up to 30% compared to conventional charge controllers.

  • LCD display shows battery levels and solar charge performance
  • Current limiter prevents the nuisance of blowing fuses or breakers
  • Solar panel size starts at 140 Watts
  • Magnum Series Pure Sine Wave inverters provide AC power that will run electronic devices


We use the popular Air Series RV Wind turbines for additional RV power. These small turbines are ideal for RVs, small cabins, and boats. Combining Wind and Solar power will keep your campsite or cabin area quiet compared to the intrusion of a noisy generator!

Systems in the Field

Please note that our products are sold as a system and come with a consulting fee. Get in touch. We’ll analyze your energy consumption and make recommendations based on the type and size of connection needed. 

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